Two Thousand and Elevenses

The party’s over my friend: 2011, the year we looked forward to for two thousand and ten years, is done. It was alright, wasn’t it? Not the unbroken period of wealth, sexual exploration and skytram rides that we were promised in the 1930s, but not quite a busted flush.

For me it began with a blog post much like this one; reading it back, making corrections, inserting the odd rude word. While never inducing orgasmic convulsions, the year wasn’t unkind to me. I remained alive (thanks 2011!), sheltered and gainfully employed. I tasted the life of a man with no imagination, with nothing to do but consume and acquire material goods. It was empty, a spiritual haemorrhage, but comfortable. I enter 2012, assuming I make it to midnight, bolstered by anticipation. There’s much uncertainty, many balls are in the air – they’re on fire, and much could change in the next 12 months. I can’t be sure what’s going to happen and I find that quietly exciting.

Despite the lack of achievement and activity in this globally turbulent year, I took some time out from visiting places and doing things to allow ideas about the future and the work that may be produced in it, to cohere. I put out lots of nonsensical toss like this. Mainly, this distracted me from the tasks that were proving more challenging but it also kept me in the habit of writing. Alright, this may be throwaway stuff but even tat can be collectable; some people make a hobby out of it y’know. Start archiving these posts now and who knows what they’ll be worth in thirty years. Nothing, you say? Well that, dear reader, is why you’ll always be on the outside looking in; no vision you see.

My hobby horse, film criticism, picked up in 2011. I’m not bored of it yet. I managed to get myself on Rotten Tomatoes and found a large audience who were only too happy to tell me what an imperious, wrongheaded fuckface I was. Honestly, is it my fault if I’m right all the bloody time? Still, I’ve enjoyed getting the word out and arguing the toss with angry cinema goers. That I’m better at the job than 96.2% of those out there and still largely unwaged for my efforts, does nothing for my sense of natural justice. Still, when we’re all that quintessence of dust that Shakespeare talked about and all the money we’ve earned in our lifetime counts for dick sizzle, all that will remain are the words. I’m happy with that, it’s those that will have cock all to show for their time on Planet Earth that should be concerned.

So yes, my beautiful blogheads, I wish you a wonderful 2012 and thank you from the pit of my sack for reading Is That All There Is in 2011. You did me proud. I knew you would.

Below are my favourite blogs from the past 12 months. I’ve arranged them into little themed clusters. Don’t worry, my loyal but disgruntled troupe, it’s only going to get better next year.

Good luck to us all in the big twelve and twenty.

2011 in blogs:

The Way We Live Now

Inspired by the news

Culture and the Arts

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