What’s it all about?

Opinionoid is a blog comprised of opinion pieces. It’s written by a man called Ed Whitfield. Research tells us that today’s web users can’t cope with a lot of text, so this is the end of the introduction.

The Opinionoid 5-Point Promise:

All posts will…

  1. Be in English
  2. Be written with the stupidest reader in mind
  3. Contain at least one thought terminating cliché so you feel at home
  4. Be the most frustrating thing you read today
  5. Never be reprinted in any reputable publication where an editor answers to anyone in any capacity.

Ed Whitfield, who was mentioned earlier, is also a film critic. He gives them a damn good going over with his eyes then captures the fading impression of whatever thoughts were made in the struggle at The Ooh Tray. If you go there you can adopt the critiques as your own and thanks to the site’s obscurity, and public impatience with long-form criticism, no one will ever know.

His opinionoids extend to Theatre. By special arrangement he’s hung from the proscenium. Why not bookmark his View from the Cheap Seat?

Ed’s on Twitter: @edwhitfield. If you follow him, you’ll get nothing – just as you would in real life.

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